Despite the fact that one of my most enduring (searing?) memories, 36 years after the fact, is of my mother announcing to me when I was 18 that I was the most selfish person she’d ever known, my impulse is to share. Good food, wonderful books, exciting ideas, whatever — I want to share them. I try hard not to ‘share’ (give) advice unless it’s asked for, but anything else is fair game. It’s the teacher in me, I guess.

A few years ago I was inspired to begin another blog with my dearest friend, Connie (which you can find at goodfoodforus.wordpress.com) because I (we) wanted to be able to share the great British recipes we’d discovered over the years. Now, I find myself inspired by a new project — one that’s incidentally also testament to the fact that I’m an unapologetic Anglophile. Poised to enter into the ’empty nest’ phase of our lives, we’ve decided to build a whole new nest, right up in the woods at, you guessed it, the top of the hill — and I feel the desire to share the whole adventure with . . . whoever shows up to partake! (My husband says, “Who will want to read this?!?” My answer: “Maybe no one, but it will be my chronicle of this next great adventure.”)

Selfish I may very well be, but I offer you this, with great pleasure.

The First Story
Arriving Home
Window Shopping
The Dales Way
Busy as Bees
Walk On
Good to Go
Getting There
Home at Last
Hunkering Down

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