Getting There

Sonoma landscape

The end of construction looms so close I can almost taste it: flooring is going in, cabinetry is being installed, and the trimming of doors and windows has begun. Outside, most of the siding is in place, masonry is proceeding nicely, and the final roof tile will be nailed down this week. Slowly but surely, we are getting there!

Meanwhile, we have moved from our transitional digs in San Francisco (such lovely digs they were!) to a temporary furnished rental . . . in Sonoma. We’re finally residents of Sonoma County, two years after buying our property. The fact of our arrival here is doubly sweet because it means my commute to the property is 30 minutes instead of the hour and a quarter the drive from the City took: getting there is now so much easier.

It’s not that I minded the drive – I’m generally happy to be with my own thoughts, and the opportunity the drive afforded to ruminate on the project did not go amiss. Besides, Highway 12 is literally signposted as a Scenic Route (and thankfully, that’s the stretch of the route that constitutes my current commute). The bucolic character of the Sonoma Valley continues to delight me almost beyond measure, and the delight that I experience is a good reminder of the need to appreciate the journey even as we endeavor to reach our destination: after all, getting there is (often more than) half the fun.

In fact, I am so enjoying the journey that I’m a bit apprehensive about nearing the end – but only a bit. I remind myself that I’ll have ahead of me the challenge of setting up the beehive and figuring out how best to nurture the chickens, the opportunity to create and sustain a new garden, and the delight of turning my creative energy toward feathering our new nest with curtains and cushions and the like. The building will be finished, but maybe like a good garden, a good home is never really ‘done’ . . . maybe we’ll never actually get there after all, but oh, what a pleasant jaunt it may be when we strive toward that for which we long!

“If I were asked to say what is at once the most important production of Art
and the thing most to be longed for, I should answer,
‘A beautiful House.'”

— William Morris