Rock On!

Rocks on the property

I feel lately like my head is full of rocks — but it’s not all bad! Certainly there was the rocky road of the black paint brouhaha that we had to navigate: I found myself so distracted trying to stay upright during that bumpy and bruising journey that the every-day just fell away, and simple tasks like putting out the cans for recycling and trash collection fell off my radar completely. Whoops! We’re glad to put those metaphorical rocks in the rear-view mirror and look forward to a smoother ride as we accelerate back up to cruising speed on the project. Besides, we have other, actual rocks that happily command our attention at the moment.

The foundations for Acorn Lodge conform, of course, to current construction standards (i.e., they are poured concrete), but I love the idea of a home built on a stone foundation. Especially in a setting such as ours where the soil yielded a veritable trove of fine specimens when we graded and dug to put the foundations in place, it seems a shame not to incorporate them into the design. So the mason has his work cut out for him: he is charged with creating the illusion that the Lodge and Cottage sit on stone foundations. We can’t make use solely of the rock we’ve recovered from the property because much of it is over-sized, so I’m on the hunt for suitable stone to add to the mix, bearing in mind the importance of maintaining the integrity of the project. Just because it is an illusion doesn’t mean it should reveal itself as such by a failure on my part to pay attention to what is suggested by our setting: I want for the finished product to feel as though it mushroomed up out of the ground organically and for it to look perfectly at home in its surroundings, a natural fit for the sylvan charm that surrounds us. I am, therefore, determined to wear my rock hound hat until the ‘just-right’ rock is found and secured!

Meanwhile, perhaps the most exciting ‘rock’ of all has made its appearance at Acorn Lodge: the sheet-rocking has begun, and I say, “Rock on!” I was particularly pleased to walk into the kitchen the other day and find the breakfast nook looking ready to receive its panelling and trim. This is the space we will inhabit as we welcome each day, with sun from the east spilling through the windows; as well, here is where the two of us will enjoy cosy kitchen suppers when we want to give the dining room a rest. Cooking and eating are central to my notion of well-being, so besides having a functional and attractive kitchen to work in, I need a beautiful and welcoming place to sit to enjoy both the fruits of my labor and the company of those for whom I cook. As imagined, the nook will fit the bill perfectly, and in fact now that the sheet-rock is in place (‘on’), I can empty my head of each of the rooms as conceived, and begin to enjoy them as they are: rock-solid interpretations of all that I yearn for when I conjure my notion of home. No more plotting and planning — just appreciation for what is!

Breakfast Nook

“Write your worries in the sand,
Carve your blessings in stone.”

— Robert F. Kennedy

One thought on “Rock On!

  1. Love the windows!
    Kelly, You will have to literally “write” your worries in the dirt and then cover it up –Therapeutic! and then write your blessings onto the walls before they cover them up!
    Happy Home building!


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