Walk On

Crane Acorn 'Tile"

For nearly twenty years now, we’ve pulled out and added to a family Book of Thanksgiving as we’ve gathered to feast together — it’s become a documentary of the growth of our children and a record of the changes in our lives over the years, a collection of photos and personal sentiments that stand collectively to reflect the gratitude we feel for all that enriches our lives. I’ve tried each year to recognize and encapsulate a theme for the months that have passed since the year before: my gratitude for new beginnings in response to our recovery from a house fire that I had inadvertently started (!); my joy in watching my children grow; my appreciation of the every day, and of the flow of life, just to pick out a few.

Last Thanksgiving I expressed my thanks for beautiful places to walk (on). In the months leading up to that time we had: purchased a piece of property that allows us access to a 5,000 acre state park a mere 50 yards from our future doorstep, moved to a temporary home in San Francisco that is just blocks from the beautiful Presidio with miles of trails at our disposal, and walked 82 miles across the inimitable English countryside. Walking was decidedly the theme of 2014! But moreover, the opportunity to walk on from the life we’d known over the past 26 years in Palo Alto was also worthy of recognizing with gratitude.

As Acorn Lodge begins to take shape and Thanksgiving approaches again, I continue to rejoice in our good fortune at having this opportunity. I’m thankful that I’m able to consider the project my ‘full-time job,’ and yet it’s clear to me that my creative impulses alone don’t count for enough to get the job done: “Huzzah!” for the artisans that are able and willing to bring those ideas to life! I’m appreciative of the expertise and flexibility each brings to the job, allowing the project to continue to evolve organically as progress is made while finding just the right expression of the personality of our home — to my mind, it’s a prime example of Arts and Crafts ideals at work and I’m filled with gratitude as I watch the process unfold.

Mid-November 2015

 I’m grateful for the artisans who are helping to bring Acorn Lodge to life.


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