If We Build It, They Will Come

Guest Cottage

This is our fervent hope: that family and friends will come to think of Acorn Lodge as their home-away-from-home. We are building a guest cottage in order to encourage friends and family to stay for extended visits, with the intention that it will be oft-used, regularly providing shelter and nurture to those who would keep us company on our hilltop. Close to the Lodge, but standing on its own, offering a sitting room, bedroom, and bath but no kitchen, the Cottage will be a refuge, a place of quiet and privacy.

My piano will also ‘live’ in the Cottage. I made this decision early in the design process, partly because at 6’8″ long, it occupies space like the proverbial elephant in the room, not part of the conversation, but hulking over the proceedings. It needs a room of its own. But there is another reason for putting the piano in the Cottage and that is that this home-away-from-home can also be a refuge for me: a quiet and private place to sit and play, also providing a change of scenery anytime I feel ‘housebound.’ Guests or no, the Cottage will not sit empty or unappreciated.

Each building on the property is meant to serve us regularly in this manner: nothing in the design is extraneous to the concepts of shelter and nurture, each structure supporting our daily activities and offering the means of extending the possibilities of being creative and productive. The reason for this is my conviction that while relaxation and being the master of one’s own schedule certainly have their place in contributing to feelings of contentment, I, for one, feel most contented when I feel that I am being productive, that I have a sense of purpose. Of course, sometimes that purpose is relaxation, but regardless, it feels good to have an intention in mind, to recognize what I’m about.

Being able to extend open arms of welcome to family and friends will be one of our happiest intentions, our purpose being to share conversation and laughter, good food and drink, and new experiences with one another — to relax in each others’ company. We’ll have the fun of planning and anticipating visits, the enjoyment of good fellowship in the moment, and a treasure of memories to savor forever afterwards. Friends and family, consider this an open invitation: please come help us to pursue our purpose often and enjoy Acorn Lodge as your home-away-from-home!

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

— Jane Austen

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